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The pen nib is a perfect reflection of its two sides – a mirror image of itself that comes together as a single entity for a purpose: expression. Change the nib pressure or the angle, and the outimagescome is different.

Life and leadership choices are much the same way. The nib you select and how you use it affects the way you show up and engage in every one of your daily situations . . . and ultimately, it determines how you’ll meet your goals and make your dreams come true. The path you choose to create depends on your responsiveness to the pen’s nib.

In a sense, that’s what coaching does for you. As your coach, I’m responsive to your agenda. I’ll  guide you in exerting pressure in the life and leadership area you want to go.

Your ink line may be thin and light or bold and confident, but ultimately, the  choice is yours. I help you clarify and refine your goals, overcome hurdles in reaching them, and appear on your page the way you want to be read.

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  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Energy-Leadership Index Master Practitioner


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