The Broad Nib Creek Name

With a good pen, anything is possible. From barrel to nib, this fundamental tool expresses creative voice. Balanced and tuned, the nib of a pen writes responsively, pointing to possibility. It yields to pressure both gentle and firm, and the ink that flows from it appears on a page in a variety of ways.

Broad Nib Creek, named after the pen’s most important feature, is the source from which ideas flow. With running water that slips over rocks, ripples and eddies that collect in pools deep and shallow, the creek resonates with creativity. Although it’s an imaginary creek, it’s very real as the headwater of ideas. Broad Nib Creek is the kind of place that is connected, vibrant, and illuminating. Think of Broad Nib Creek as that place to go to for fullness, energy, inspiration, and rejuvenation.